because this boy is truly a dork XD
(a very cute one at that xD)

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so yes i fail so much that this is turning into a monthly comm ^^"
i'll still try my best to update whenever~
and am still constantly looking for new mods~



look how happy he is to eat 8D
(dropping by to post this~)
anyway this is from ariehen sekai which he appeared in last week~
not a LARGE amount of screentime but its pretty interesting ^^
(and you'll get to see this smile >D and Hina calls him Kota~ xDDD)
you can dl it here  btw~
(remember to give your thanks! ^^)
not very sure about the quality cause i dl-ed the .ts version.. xD

sorry for the total lack of updates, but i'll probably only be posting here once in a while now.
im almost in my final year at school, so its gonna get really busy for me @@
so if there's anyone else who would like to help out, do let me know yeah. thanks ^^


Congrats to our dear boy on entering Waseda University! :D
*so proud of him* /cries tears of joy
Do work hard! although im gonna cry over the lack of him due to uni :(
andddddd... ASIA TOUR :D
anyone planning to go?
i myself am hoping to go to Hong Kong's~ *prays*

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so yes, we'll be working to make this an active comm once again so that we wont let you down! >D
and we are currently looking for 1 (or 2) new mods.
pm me if interested? :D
(just give me a little intro of yourself will be fine ^^)
oh and im looking for someone who can post actively please.
(like every other day is fine ^^)
for those who applied the last time, just give me a heads up and you dont need to type everything again ^^
looking forward! :D and thank you whoever is joining us! <3

and lastly.
Hoping that you guys have a good year ahead ^^


a pretty Yabu for you guys ^^
one of my favourites from this set of his~:D

Really sorry to have kept this comm dead for so long.
especially right after i said that i want to keep this as an a-day comm..
I'll be contacting the other mods and work something out...
and i may be looking for new-mods
(cause schoolwork is a bitch and i dont have time sometimes ><)
so umm lookout for more updates next week, and i'll try my best to get this comm active again!